Start Internet Marketing, How To Succeed


*Beginner Level Internet & Affiliate Marketing Training.

Start Internet Marketing, A Beginners Guide to Web Business.

Free online training course for Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing & Blogging, Video Marketing & Vlogging, Paid Advertisement & Facebook Ads, Social Media & Influencer Marketing.

Internet business & web marketing is a wide & diverse topic,

but, it all revolves around a few basic principals & tool sets that are easy to understand & use.

Before you even start to mess around with online marketing, you should get properly prepared.

We've written a great guide you can see here:

What to do Before Internet Marketing

Basically, it says get a completely clean, 'new' email, computer platform, desktop filing structure & set of basic software tools.

When you realize you're serious & committed to internet marketing,

you are going to commit to it as a long term journey,

You should commit 3-5 years at the start, & realize it could possibly take that long to really master it. Maybe You'll be quicker.

On that journey you're going to get bombarded by all the people you 'work' with & all the products & services you use or sell.

Everyone of them will be sending you Links, Updates, Training, Offers & more.

I get 50+ emails per day... & those are the keepers, not the spam.

Secondly, you're going to need to keep track of a lot of elements, pictures, passwords, links & written materials, online & on your computer desktop.

You'll want a fresh slate to keep organised on the 3-5+ year commitment you are getting into.

Seriously, see the article & prepare appropriately.

If you don't, you'll regret it in 3-6 months & have MORE work correcting it all later.

Just get a good start & do it right the first time.

Start with a clean organised slate, files, emails & organize your websites internal folder & file structure simply & well.

********* PRO TIP, Do Not title your 'Advertisement' materials or pictures as (Ad's , Advertisement, AD Pictures, Ad Copy) & Also do not put any of those titles in your websites FILE SYSTEM / FOLDERS.

Do not Title your Pages, Files or Folders with (Ad) Your internal site Pictures or Files from an 'Ad' folder will be blocked by 'Ad Blockers', Including your 'Native' Ads & Pics.

I learned this the hard way. Now all my 'Ad' Folders are titled 'Azertize' & the material for my native Ads shows up fine. Ad blocker will still cut out Google Ads on my sites, but I build everything else as 'Native ads' & don't link out or carry HTML Ads.

A good Ad blocking software wont show your site files if they come from a folder titled 'Ad's or Advertisement & similar key words'.

Internet Marketing & Online Marketing Systems

Have you ever played those online games where you have a fleet or army & you build bases??

Well that's basically online marketing,

Minus a battle segment!

Although, You could get really competitive within a niche, It's a bit more like a strategy puzzle than a fight with a foe or enemy.

After you get your head around what the basic elements are, it becomes simple to understand & make progress in.

Granted, there is no exact 'game area' or map,

but you'll figure out your market, & where to reach them.

You'll have to be patient & a bit meticulous building your online empire.

It's 1000 steps, not 3 or 5.

You're eventually going to want to understand each part of it.

Understanding how & why campaigns work is what makes them effective

& allows you to build, modify & recreate success across platforms & channels.

I often like to compare Internet marketing systems to cars.

A driving system.

You could have the nicest, newest, highest tech automobile,

but if its got a clogged fuel line, a missing wheel & no battery cable,

it's not going anywhere.

It's an expensive pile of uselessness.

The same can be said for an online business or marketing campaign.

There's some basic 'fundamental' parts that you need to make it work.

You could have 90% of it, shiny & new, doing its job,

But, if you're missing just a couple of key pieces,

The rest becomes useless & doesn't perform.

Building Your Marketing Platform, Brand & Business

As is true with all great arts,

It's not the tools, it's the craftsman.

We're going to discuss various Tools, Assets & Software systems generally,

but we're not going to exclusively commit to, or be dependent on any specific one.

Instead were going to focus on the general principals, Ideas, & smaller parts of the whole process.

Those parts are what we are going to look at next,

You've got to understand these basic concepts & know how & where to integrate them into your overall plans, in order to keep your business running smoothly & successfully.

If this is a lot of information & seems overwhelming,

don't get discouraged.

If it takes 3 months, 3 years or 3 decades to make 3 million $, how do you measure success?

In time you will understand both the 'big picture' & smaller details & specifics of creating & executing a successful marketing system.

At first, keep it simple.


In the beginning, get an audience & provide value. You'll learn & grow from there.

You can start FREE with a free Website, Blog site, & Social Media accounts & pages, which are great to create awareness & attract visitors,

But eventually, you'll need an actual Website or ecom Store with your own Domain.

Your Website or Store, & all its associated social media accounts

is the heart of your online presence, business & brand.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a good web hosting plan & platform.

To help you decide on the best choice we have created a web hosting guide & comparison that rates a huge selection of web hosting & ecommerce providers.

Ultimate Web Hosting Guide & Comparison.

Which One, END to END Marketing Solution to Rule them All?

Building Your Website & Associated Social Media Accounts

This alone could take you days, weeks or months,

& that's just fine.

Don't rush it!

This is a long term commitment.

Take your time to build your site well.

(It's better to stay 'simple' in the start, & evolve with experience)

YES! There are some really simple 'buy in' & 'Turn Key' “Automatic” page builders & systems advertised, promising you will 'get rich quick', but these are not 'Real' sites with real control over a Brand or even the Niche or Market. I can't completely comment on these, but the few I've looked at aren't good for much & using them will not teach you anything about your own business. You essentially become a level in someone eases marketing scheme. I do think these could be good as a revenue stream, but not as a total business. Better to diversify.

If you are really 'green' & inexperienced it's not a bad Idea to experiment on a few different general website building & eCommerce platforms.

Most platforms offer a FREE site with a sub domain, or a free trial period.

Take advantage of these things if they will help you grow & gain experience.

That being said, after you know what you are doing, you will definitely come to have a preferred set of tools & options on the platform you choose to commit to long term.

To see comprehensive explanations & benefits of these various platforms, See our ultimate Web Hosting Review, & read to the end for our Top Hosting Picks!

So, You get a Web Host & Build a Site or Store

You can experiment on a bunch of Platforms, but finally, you've got to commit to a more permanent solution for your Brand & Business. You pick the platform & off you go to build it.

You should have already decided if you are a Store, Content (& Affiliate) Marketing, or you're selling Courses or Training.

This will all relate to the Platform you build on, but either way SEO matters.

Remembering SEO!

When Building your Web Presence

(Your site & EVERYTHING related to it. Social Media, Blogs, Videos, +)

Be very conscious of 'Search Engine Optimization'

so more people can find & see your material.

SEO is important & it's something you'll improve over time.

Definitely make the time to explore good SEO strategy & tactics up front,

SEE:  Better SEO, 20 Basic Beginner Tips

But, in it's simplest form it's a bit like # 'Hash tagging' on social media.

Make sure your titles, content & metadata are targeted correctly & laid out on your site for both standard & mobile websites.

Put Keywords in your Titles, Header Tags, & within the written content.

Keep content relevant to Titles, so people get exactly what they are looking for.

Fill out the Title or 'Alt Tag' information for all the Images, Graphics & Pictures you include.

'Silo' & Structure your page clearly, so it navigates well for the user.

Group Links & Cross Link appropriately, keeping to a niche or subject of interest.

You don't want to be linking Cat material to Dog articles, or Business content to Automotive events.

Structure your site so it makes sense & follows that sense in a quick, easy & orderly fashion.

Don't 'Overload' your page with too much. Keep it lite & simple so it loads fast.

Don't put 3 articles on 1 page. Follow your main content with snippets & links to new content & pages.

There's no need to cram it all together.

If your Navigation, Cross Linking & Structure is orderly, fast & simple, your users will enjoy the way your site functions & explore it more.

Proper SEO starts at the construction of a page & site. Try to lay it all out correctly.


or intending to place NATIVE ADVERTISEMENT on multiple pages,

There are times where you may be putting many pages out, Articles, Blogging, Reviews, or whatever, & sometimes even your basic site structure, Home, Articles, Resources, Store, +

You don't want to create each page Individually, again & again.

Instead of putting up 10 pages one by one, You want to make a 'Master Page' & duplicate it a bunch of times.

I do this with all my sites major pages & article pages.

I have a 'Master Article Blank' that's basically a 'template'.

I build this for every site & I load it with ALL my Native Ad Pictures & Links.

(& meta data, page template, basic keywords & site wide links like Terms or Navigation).

When I create a new article, I'm not going to place all those ad's one by one, & I'm not building my layout from scratch.

I build most of my pages off of this 'Blank' template that holds all my key material. I copy the page & only put new content in it.

This saves a huge amount of time. Every experienced site builder does it.


You need to have all your Ads, Ad Pictures & Affiliate Links set up,


Yup, It saves Huge Time, but its kind of like a Chicken & Egg thing.

You might want to dive right into Content Creation, & that's fine to build presence,

but if you don't 'Place Ads & Copy Pages', You'll have to place all the ads later, one by one.

This really can be fine for say 5, maybe even 10 pages.

Depending on the amounts of Ads it could take you about a day to do it.

Major point being, sometimes you'll have to do small placements & edits to your Ads manually,

but you definitely want to 'automate' the larger process.

Now conversely, as a brand new marketer, you may not be approved for too many products.

The major reason being that, you don't have a decent web presence up yet, so you're not getting approved by Affiliate Networks or Partners.

This means you don't have your affiliate links 'up front' & can't Place, Copy & Automate the whole process.

The 50/50 compromise & work around here is multi part.

You build a very simple site with only 5-10 pages,

& you get approved by some 'Easy' Affiliate Networks

like AmazonClickBankviglink, & ShareASale.

These Affiliate Networks are easier for new marketers to join

& most offer a selection of 'Pre Approved' products that you can simply grab links to promote.

Later you can check out FlexOffers PayKickstart.

This is basically the first, simplest thing you will do as a New Internet Marketer.

You build & mess with this one simple site,

Maybe 2 or 3 more in other niches,

& mainly, you want to get traffic.

After you run these simple sites for a few months,

Seeing some visitation data & getting a sense of how it performs,

Maybe also experimenting with 'Paid Advertising & Promotions' to increase traffic.

Then you approach larger Affiliate Networks & access more affiliate partners & products.

MaxBountyOfferVault, JVZoo  & more,

Now you 'Super Size!

Armed with new, better products to advertise, & an understanding of your niche,

You rebuild & Improve your current sites,

& or,  Build a bunch of better sites from scratch.

This could also be the time you commit to more permanent Hosting, Domain Names,

& possibly secondary services such as Email Auto Responders or Funnel Builders.

You really don't need to collect emails right away,

but then again, when you do scale to having 10,000 visitors per month,

you'll wish you had it built & implemented already.

You'll want to consider how important email marketing is going to be for you,

Many people understand the many advantages it offers at every level of business, Increasing Revenue & keeping paying customers informed.

So you may want to commit to a plan within the first or second year that you really get rolling.

You can implement Software & Apps in parts,

adding a email autoresponder, Optin forms, or sales funnels in time.


You might want to look at a singular & complete platform from the very beginning.

Traditionally marketers build platforms by combining different services,

but recently there are a number of pretty amazing 'all inclusive' systems that do everything from Site Building with Ecom, through Funnels, Automated Emails, Payment Processing,

& even Video Editing, App Creation, Membership Site Creation, & complete Course Creation systems,

All on one software that is very reasonably priced.


** Pro Tip, If you are considering a singular 'End to End' platform that combines all the various business services in one place, that's something you'll want to know in advance, or within your first 3 years, before building out a huge 'empire' on the wrong platform or tools.

Carefully consider what platforms you commit to, & experiment with free trials first.

For a look at Complete & Total 'End to End' marketing Platforms read:

LINK ARTICLE:  Building the Best Marketing Platform, & Total End To End Solutions.



Click Funnels

BEGINNER Keyword Research

Along with SEO, & a big part of the SEO process, is Key Word Research.

Basic Keywords

Long Tail Keywords,


Related Material & Triggers.

Also Research communities & Traffic Sources related to Key Words.

You can do this with Google Search & Trends,

You can also find Keyword research tools, software & services.

SEE:  Keyword Research Tips


Off Site Search Engine Optimization deals with

Backlinks to your site.

Social media shares, associated pages, post,

Web 2.0 blogging sites that backlink to your content,

& shares or backlinks within forums, groups, or on popular content.

Indexing Sites, Press Releases, & submitting a Site Map to Google can also help,

along with taking advantage of Localized Tagging, & Geofencing opportunities.  


You've Got Your Site Up & Running,

So, after you understand these basic parts & have a bit of experience working with them you will be on your way.

You have a web Presence, Products or Affiliate Products, Google ads? Hopefully a little bit of Free Search Traffic. Maybe you're making some sales.

You're Now Officially an Internet Marketer!

I've said somewhere else, I'll mention it again,

You're not going to be getting huge visits or click through rates from your Visitors.

Many new optimistic marketers imagine huge viral shares & giant click through rates.

They expect or dream of 50% or 20% clicks on their ads or post, & hope for another 25% conversions to sales or actions.

Jeez, I wish!

Be prepared, it starts at about .5 to 2% response.

& then out of that, the same .5 to maybe 2% conversion.

Basically in Internet Marketing, it's kind of standard to assume that

'1 out of 1000' visitors will convert & buy,

Possibly just by accident.

If you have a functioning pipeline that's super basic,

1 out of 1000 is a common average of conversion for new marketing brands.

& it doesn't mean you're successful.

Bad sites & products will have these sales.

It's often attributed to 'random impulse buying' & not related to successful marketing.

Now, if you do some successful research, SEO, marketing & effective content & copy writing,

You might get your conversions up to about 4%, which is where 'most' somewhat successful campaigns hold their 'bottom line'

You can squeeze out some profit on a 4% response & conversion.

Plus, 1 in 25 is a GIANT improvement over 1 in 1000.

Now, above 4% is where really shrewd & experienced marketers are at,

& they really put in work & craft to get their responses up to maybe 8 or 12% consistently.

Their content & funnels are really dialed in on a professional level.

Occasionally I see claims of 18% conversions,on a program or product that's being advertised for sale,

but I don't believe it,

& even 'High Converting Offers' on affiliate sites,

put together & split tested again & again by Pros

usually don't hit, & definitely don't hold at these rates.

If they did, no one would share that info anyways.

The Major points being,

1 out of 1000 conversions is probably your default, accidental start rate

And from there you'll improve incrementally.

20% conversions is a bit of a delusional fantasy,

& you'll probably have to fight pretty hard to hit 4-12% consistently, but it's possible with enough work.

Knowing these numbers is helpful when determining your sites performance & understanding where numbers begin to work for your business.

So, you're in Business. What to you do now?

The Second round is Scaling & Automating.

This is where you level up from a Basic Beginner

& go on to becoming an Intermediate & Advanced Affiliate Marketer.

This is where you scrap it out to go from .5 to 2% response,

& then 4% (100% increase, doubling your success rate!)

& then 6 & 8 & hopefully more.

To make these Increases you have to fine Tune your Sites SEO, based on the feedback & site performance data you've gathered in the first few months. You can find areas where you are succeeding & other areas you need to adjust & tune up your content or presentation.

This is also where you increase the performance of your Ads. Do this through split testing content, design, offerings & products to see where the most opportunity is.

You can also do another round of Off Site SEO, adding links to your new & updated 'Better' content.

Explore new, or leverage other successful platforms where you've found a good performance.

Update any Blogging & 2.0 content that you've posted.

Re purpose content. Make Videos or Information Packets & Reports to attract new visitors & customers.

Advertise & Post on new networks & platforms.

Target new locations.

 Advanced Affiliate Marketer.

These Second round incremental improvements can have a great effect on your entire business, & drastically improve your Sales & ROI.

Maybe eventually, if you can get really high percentages of conversions & sales,

You become a Super Affiliate!

This is where an offer pays out consistently & the marketer sinks huge money into Ad spends, to make as much as possible while the market is good. Some internet marketers will spend 100G$ in a week, if they know that they can double it securely.

Each product & funnel has its own recipe for success & profit.

Finding one that's a winner is the whole equation.

Once you do, you scale & optimize it as well as you can.

The Final Solution

& Finally, the final step of marketing mastery,

Rinse & Repeat!

Ok, so, get this. 

Your SEO brings some free search traffic.

If you do any paid advertisement, you tune up Ads to your content or products until they are high performers.

Maybe a few of them, on a few platforms.

Then, you do a recurrent billing on those campaigns,

Set & Forget!

It just runs automatically as long as you want.

After this phase of site performance, you either go on vacation


Do it all again, quicker & easier, as many times as possible!

Research & Discover a new market, a new niche & a new offer.

You can retarget the traffic you already have,

& using the skills & tools you have already practiced & mastered,

you can create entirely new properties & systems in new niches & territories.

You can also act as a service provider & perform these services for clients.

Localized Lead generation, Customer acquisition & Geo fencing are services you can sell & promote Anywhere, on a Local, National or even International level.

By the time you have built a few sites, along with email list, funnels, videos, content, & paid advertisement campaigns,

you will be an intermediate to advanced marketer with the skills & tools to leverage any online business or property.

In fact, you could hire out as an advertisement & content creation agency, remote freelancer, or contract service provider,

working as a Digital nomad, anywhere in the world.

In Conclusion

These are the Systems & Steps you will take for any online business you launch.

You could be selling Products, Services, Affiliate Links, Apps & Software, Courses & Education,

The main Idea is to see the underlying system & network between them all.

This is the basic system of what Internet Business & Online Marketing is.

Once you master it,

You'll never be out of work,

You can work where ever & whenever you want,

& Ideally you'll have a lot of opportunity & control over how much you earn!

 For more tips see: Ultimate Web Hosting Guide & Comparison


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