20+ top Marketing & Web Dev Resources

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20+ Top Web Development & Marketing Tools

(That Make Business Boom)

See:  Before You Internet Market

Audience, Engagement, Conversion & Sales.

Thats really what its all about. Every E-business is basically that.

Product, Niche, Interest & Industry don't matter much.

Men or women, smart pads, phones or computers, visual, written, or video content.

All these demographics share the same common point.

You need an audience, you need them to engage, to convert, & to buy.

There's a lot of opportunity around. Many techniques to getting an audience & then marketing to them,

& a lot of risk.

(Nothing's gonna blow up or attack you)

But, you could waste a lot of time, resources & motivation trying to figure it all out.

Fortunately, some folks already have,

There are Tools, Education & Resources available to anyone who wishes to participate in online business

In any style, industry or market they might like.

Everyone who does participate in online business & web development is going to need these tools and skills to succeed, & continue to scale success in all of their online ventures.

You may have multiple projects, businesses, industries or niches.

Maybe you've got an e-commerce store... a content blog... a music album from your band... you're thinking about writing a cool app or game... & an Indie Film script you'd like to shoot soon,

Or maybe you just want to sell some vacuum cleaners,

It doesn't matter!




& Sales

This is what you need, in every one of these business scenarios,

& so therefore... You need the Knowledge & Tools to make these specific things happen.

While we're at it, it would be nice to make these things happen quickly, easily, & without too much expense.

Learn about these tools & techniques to increase convenience, efficiency & productivity.

Achieve targeted goals, measurable results & greater success!

Success that you can repeat and scale again & again,

in any niche,

for any audience,

with any product, & for any business.

Web Development

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WEB HOSTING & E-commerce Storefront Sites

Web Hosting

Choosing a web hosting solution can depend on a few factors.

Generally, I'd suggest using the 'WordPress' web building 'system', because you can migrate your site to other host servers fairly easily.

WordPress designed sites are also desirable if you eventually consider selling your site or business. There are many developers who will build & launch niche sites for resale.

Most sources agree 20+ % of the internet is designed on WordPress. Its open source. You can get themes & plugins for a highly customizable site.

Finding support &  outsourcing is EASY.

There are definitely other capable Web Design Platforms, or you are developing straight in HTML5.... but its already become common practice to utilize WordPress & have it Hosted by Web Hosting Providers that support it.

Other sites like Wix, inherently have less options, capabilities & are troublesome to migrate off to other service providers / host.

& not considered as desirable on the resale market

Popularity & common knowledge of WordPress sets it apart as the premiere choice for most new Website & Web Business Projects.

'Your Place', your Website, App, or E-commerce Store,

is where you're going to centralize your business from.

You can start an online presence on Social Media sites, & even have a specific business page there, but eventually as a business, you're gonna need your own place. A long term 'location' that you operate from.

 Now yes, of course, you will be 'everywhere' & you'll have pages, links & traffic on all social media sites & every viral network,

but you're going to want to run it all,

from & to, to & from, one central spot. 

Your Web Page, Your App or your Ecom Storefront.

Some well known Web Hosting Services follow, with our favorite Top Picks at the end! 

WordPress compatible

Website builder


24/7 support

Free Domain Name

*Reseller Hosting

Host Gator

WordPress compatible

24/7 support


Website builder

FREE migration service will transfer your existing WordPress website to HostGator

Dream Host 

WordPress compatible

24/7 support

Upgrade for Email


Not WordPress compatible.

Free Web Site with subdomain


Web Builder,


Free Website with Subdomain

Simple Site Builder that can process 1 product.


Shopify is good for multiple products & drop shipping.



Paid Email add on


Optimized for WordPress.

Automated SSL certificates

24/7 support

StormWeb Hosting 


Weebly Website Builder


Free Domain Name


Weebly Site Builder


One click Word Press install.

-Green Web Hosting

Free site transfer with annual plan purchase.


cPanel / App Install /

Website builder.


WordPress Hosting

Free Domain & Domain Transfer.

*ReSeller Hosting,


Servers & Web Hosting


Email & Auto Responders.

24/7 technical support.


Code 50OFF

This is cloud servers. 

Server banks

cPanel  app installation.






Hosting, Web Build & Ecom storefront

No WordPress

Link Email but no 'internal' email

Steady Cloud


Email with additional sub domains,

24/7 support





Free Domain 1 Year.


**PadMail Unlimited Email

Email hosting


Weebly is a Web Host & Online Ecommerce Storefront solution.  You can start with a free Trial. 

Weebly has plugins for Dropshipping.

TOP Web Hosting PICKS!   These Web Hosting Providers offer the most Options & Performance for the Best Prices. 

Here it is, Our Top Picks. I'll tell you simply & straight out, if I were starting my Digital Presence today, this would be my overall Strategy...

I want to say I might possibly start out with Builderall

I'll get back to this,

For 'basic' websites, content marketing & advertisement of Affiliate links I'd go with WordPress, Hosted by the Top Hosting Picks  below, & eventually  I'd support it with Builderall for funnels & email marketing list.

For a Large store, with a lot of products & / or drop shipping, I'd go with Shopify. It's pretty easy to use, robust & gets the job done. Eventually you'll probably want an email Auto responder linked to your store, & once again, I'd go with Builderall.

Maybe I'd go with Builderall first!?!?    The site builder isn't the greatest, & it's good to have experience with other services.  For really heavy blogging & content publication, Builderall isn't my favorite platform, but you can do Bloging & content with it.

For selling products directly (not dropshipping),

for creating Funnels & Optins

& for Email Marketing,

Plus a bunch of other amazing features,

Builderall is basically FANTASTIC for all these things.

It's a great system for a great price, I just feel like it's a little much for a brand new marketer.

The starter Price is comparable to good cheap we host. Its 30$ monthly. to upgrade to a 'pro' type level is only 50$ monthly & then you can sell websites & assets to other businesses or clients.

All & all I want to encourage everyone to hop on board, but I'd suggest if you are 'new' to online business, you should start with the basic plan & be prepared for a bit of a learning curve.  It propels you up to 'intermediate' marketing task pretty quickly & you've really got to understand all the different parts to build overall success.

with 'Old Style' online marketing, you build your site or store. Optimize for SEO & get into posting or paid advertisement. Later you might ad Funnels & Email from other providers.

With Builderall, you get it all at once. This is great but could seem overly complex. For someone struggling to build their first sites, or publish articles, then the prospect of having to write 20 email might seem like a lot.  There's so much in Builderall, some new users feel like its 'crowded', but really you've just got to stay focused on a few basic tools & tasks & don't get sidetracked into to many extras. 

Top Web Hosting Picks. #1 for Price, Options & Reliability.


Excellent Price & Service!!

Web Builder


Email auto responder for 2000 subscribers, plus upgrades.


24/7 support

FREE Domain for life,

FREE Site Migration.


FREE Site Migration,


cPanel access

FREE Domain


*ReSeller hosting, cPanel access.


For eCommerce Shopify is really good. If you're Dropshipping it's one of the better solutions as you can utilize a few apps to get products easily.


Builderall is a 'newish'  Single Solution, End to End, Web Development & Marketing Platform introduced to the U.S. from Brazil in 2018.  It's pretty amazing!  Builderall includes

Web Hosting (15 sites)

Web Builder


Email Auto Responder / Email Marketing (with Templates)

e Commerce  Shopping.

*Funnel Building  (with Templates)

*Animated Explainer Video creation, Slide Show Creation

*Membership Sites

*App Development

*Course Creation

& so much more!  

 Builderall rivals other similar systems that cost 5 to 10x the price!

To Clarify up front...   Builderall will not run WordPress, & as a user myself, there are some areas that I'm looking forward to improvements in.  There is no 'automatic payment processing' App for drop shipping, where Shopify & WordPress have Oberlo, AliExpress Drop Shipper & others that will do this for you. Builderall is working on a new update to the suite which hopefully has these options installed.   As for the Web Development & Blogging, It is its own builder, which gives you options for Mobil & Desktop optimization.  Its not the easiest or best designed web builder around, but its really pretty good & the sites are highly customizable. Websites can be developed and sold / transferred in the Builderall Marketplace.

All in All, Builderall is a game changing solution, allowing Web Developers & Marketers to have an all inclusive platform for a fraction of the price that traditional methods require. It's also the Best Priced Hosting, Funnel & Email Platform around, at 30$ monthly for their basic plan.

We'll probably have an in depth article exclusively about Builderall    HERE:

It's definitely worth checking out, & you can get a 2 week free trial    HERE:  BUILDERALL

*Themes, Templates & Plugins allow your Website to Shine. Tailored presentation, custom features.

WordPress / Web Hosting Templates

Theme Forrest                  Themes, Templates & Assets    *Envato Elements

Template Monster



Scarcity Builder          Custom Countdown Creator, Cont down to a deadline for Offers or Events!

E mail Marketing/ AUtoResponders/Optins/Landing Pages/ Funnels

 Some custom features are not in your actual 'website' by themselves,  specifically most 'opt in's' with a direct action/reward, Sales Funnels  & also Email Auto Responders.

These things kind of attach & integrate with your site. They can look the same & present themselves as 'seamless' but they are in fact, different systems with different functions.

Serious business owners who commit to marketing eventually cultivate their leads & market through a mailing list.

To do so, you need the right tools & knowledge to operate effectively & profitably.

Email Autoresponders  


Once again, Builderall's included autoresponder 'Mailing Boss' makes it a must see system to consider.


All in one Marketing Platform with Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Automation & Webinars.


Aweber helps ambitious small businesses and entrepreneurs drive real results with powerful, targeted email automation. Aweber allows you to build your email list, create auto responders, segment customers and track your results.


On demand marketing tools designed to scale with your business. Intelligent email automation. 

Free autoresponder to 1000 subscriber. Cheapest plans, webform & email funnel software. Landing pages & Automation.


Kartra is a top notch, all in one, end to end internet marketing platform. Try Kartra for $1!

Kartra List Building Video

Constant Contact     60 day Free Trial. Dynamic Emails. Many Features.

Solo Email Ads 

1500+ Guaranteed Solo Email Ad clicks! 

 Solo Ads on email list & Banner Ads. 

Solo Ads to email list.

Outsource Task


Funnel Builders


High converting landing pages and lead generation campaigns.


ClickFunnels is the Premier Funnel Building Systems in the Industry. It is a powerful, fast & easy sales  solution for Marketers, Business Owners, Retailers & Clients.

Build Dynamic Funnels easily & integrate them to your Website, Store or Business.

There are many FREE resources available in the ClickFunnels offers. Have a look!!

(14 day free trial>Clickfunnels) 

 Funnel University  FREE BOOK, 108 Proven Split Test winners.

DotCom Secrets    Funnel Book. 

Funnel Graffiti         FREE Book Giveaway!

Funnel Hackers Cookbook     FREE BOOK , How to build great funnels for any business.

Funnel Scripts         Software to write your emails & funnels copywriting.

Funnel University            FREE Trial!  Click Funnel Training for you & clients.

Marketing in Your Car       FREE MP3 Player with 257 Podcast Episodes about Internet Marketing

Expert Secrets Book     *Authority & Expert Business guidance.

Perfect Webinar     FREE OFFER Perfect Webinar Script and Training. How to sell.

Software Secrets             Make & Launch your own software or app in 90 days


Kartra is a single platform, end to end, all in one Marketing Solution. It's one of the all around best performing products on the market. Streamlined, robust, intuitive & loaded with features. Kartra builds Funnels, Email, Websites, eCommerce & More.  Newer to the Marketing world than older solutions, Kartra is gaining ground as a top solution for serious web entrepreneurs. 

Kartra Signup 1$

Kartra Silver Signup


Again, Builderall builds excellent high performing funnels for a really low price. Many proven, free templates to choose from & customize.  For the Price Builderall is my Top Pick for a funnel builder & all inclusive platform.

Auto Funnels & Auto Funnel Builders

Affiliate Funnels

Email collection & Affiliate Offers on Autopilot. The Revolutionary New Enterprise-Grade Affiliate Marketing Platform Developed To Build Your Lists And Generate MASSIVE Commissions From The Best Selling Digital & Physical Products On Autopilot...  (Watch the video and discover how to get 30 ready made, high converting promotion funnels included for just $1!)


Software, High Converting Landing page creation, Compatible w/ any autoresponder & also 'gotowebinar'. Create funnels with opt ins, perks, & rewards for actions like sharing or subscribing, & continuing onto more upsells or choices.  

Auto Affiliate Earnings! 

Instant ecom funnels

Highly profitable ecom sales funnels without Shopify!  Automated eCom Product Funnels In Less Than 60 Seconds! Perfect For Newbies & Dropshippers Who Don't Want To Sell Their Own Products or Host Expensive Stores!

Funnel Education

FunnelStak                     Funnel Creation *Education. 

Funnel Spy

Investigate & compare your competitors funnels. Copy funnel strategies for your own business.

Traffic Spy

Discover & Analyze the Most Popular Sites on the Web… Uncovering Hot Content and Hidden Traffic Goldmines within Seconds! Instantly discover traffic hot spots and content ideas on the world’s biggest websites…

Stop conducting research manually, gather key data + insights fast!

SEO & KEY WORD Search Tools

Audience, Engagement, Conversion & Sales.

Your business needs to get the audience here, interested & engaged,  before you can 'convert them' & close a sale.

You might only want to convert them to another action or activity, not directly to a sale. A mailing list, a share of your content, or an opinion pole.

You want to convert them to 'somewhere' before they leave your site forever.

So, before converting is possible,

getting the audience & engaging them is necessary.

You can do this Actively (with shared post or paid Ad's) & passively with searchable content, supported with well placed back links.

Actively OR Passively,  You need good Key Words!

Passively you want them for good SEO &  search listings, so people can actually find your content.

Actively, so you can place better performing Ad's with higher ROI.

A common assumption or attitude is that SEO & Keyword research is only for Passive systems, but in fact it is extremely crucial for active Ad Placements as well.

**If you really specialize, it can be important at the beginning of content creation or product creation. Many marketers use Key Wore Research as their first step in exploring new business opportunities, right at the very beginning of a business, or a business campaign.

The value & ROI of your advertisements grows exponentially with proper understanding & use of strong short & long tail keyword research, which will allow you to target your ad audience more specifically & effectively.

There's quite a few good options & tools for

KeyWord Research

Long Tail Pro 

Keyword Titan

Traffic Spy

Discover & Analyze the Most Popular Sites on the Web… Uncovering Hot Content and Hidden Traffic Goldmines within Seconds! Instantly discover traffic hot spots and content ideas on the world’s biggest websites…

Stop conducting research manually, gather key data + insights fast!

Authority Spy


Google's great, but you might want a better system with more options & insights, to track & scrutinize the performance of your email campaigns, website, a clients web site, or even a competitors website

SEOsnapshot                       'White label' site report data & Keyword research info.

Quickly visualize your overall SEO report card and compare it to your competition. Fix the SEO mistakes on your site, increase your SEO score and search rankings!

*Privately label this software for use with your own agency or consulting firm!

Traffic Spy

Authority Spy


SEOPressor aims to turn a user's WordPress site into a powerful marketing machine by offering real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO, and they automatically and intelligently decorates keyword fonts and adds ALT texts to images.




Video Marketing Insider 

Video Marketing Insider brings together all my very best training, knowledge, tools & resources (both current & future) under the roof of one slick membership site. video marketing training courses, exclusive software, a experienced community & tips. *Stock footage & Image Library


Capture Voice & Video Messages on Your Website from Visitors & Customers.

Facebook Ad IQ Academy



Unicorn Paid Advertisement

Paid Traffic Training. Scale your business!

Edit Software & Assets for Video & Internet Marketing

PressPlay2      Customize your Video Streamer.

Explaindio    Explainer Video creation suite.


Doodly         Whiteboard Animation Software


Capture Voice & Video Messages on Your Website from Visitors & Customers.

Animoto      Animation Software for Explainer Videos.

Webinar Ignition 

Webinar Ignition is the most flexible platform for creating professional live & automated webinar funnels. 

Customizable Registration, Confirmation, Live & Replay Pages

Live Video Feed Integration

Email & Text Message Reminders

Q&A / Chat Integration

Sales and Conversion Tracking

No Monthly Fee!

Image & Video Stock 

Envato is a great assets for many things. They offer Assets, Hosting, Education, Web Development & more.

Media Bakery

Media Bakery is photographer-owned and operated since 2001, supplying more than 10 million assets to some of the world's top creatives. Media Bakery's collection of royalty-free and rights-managed content is highly curated ensuring only the best imagery for clients.


Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vector Images and Videos.

Graphic Kickstart

Graphic Kickstart carries Photos, Images & Themes for web building.

CONTENT CREATION Tips, Training & resources


The world’s first and only Saas based software product that leverages the minds of the world’s best copywriters to create insanely effective sales copy that gets your visitors to take action


Strayblogger Training is one of the best ways to boost the success of a business through web copywriting, keyword analysis, writing e-books, setting up a simple website, and more.

Blog Success

Blog Success teaches users how to build a professional site that attracts search and social visitors like a magnet and gets them engaged and buying. 


Content App.  Copy, Paste, Link & Share. Ethically hijack high traffic content & have your ad or offer displayed on that page. Copy a high traffic article from sites like, Paste it into LeadGrab, generate a link with Your Offer showing on the article. Share that article & leverage that audience. Get comprehensive statistics on performance of each LeadGrab article you publish.

Writing an Ebook

eBook Adviser

eBook Adviser teachers users how to create, secure, and sell eBooks and PDFs like a pro and start their own information product business from scratch.


How to Book, Author & Sales.

Kindle Money Mastery

Kindle Money Mastery is a step-by-step program that teaches users how to make substantial profits just by selling simple kindle eBooks that generate passive income month after month. assists uses with creating eBooks and they offer help with creating, branding, automating, and profiting immediately.

Social Media Management
Admin, Coordination, Scheduling & Posting Apps


Octosuite allows you to replace the need for a social media manager by having ALL of your fan pages & groups posting the most viral trending content daily for you instantly, sending your organic reach’ through the roof, keeping your posts viral while automated.


Single Solution to Post from 1 dashboard.

Storymate Basic 

Storymate Luxury edition

Storymate – Worlds First ‘Story’ Tool to create, post & send huge traffic to your sites through Instagram & Facebook Stories. 1- Pick A Template 2 – select or upload content 3- 1 click Render -4- post direct to fb or instagram stories.

Social Kickstart

Socail Autobots


PRWeb is a leading online news and press release distribution service used by 40,000+ organizations. 


SocialMonkee is an instant link building solution that allows users to easily build 25 unique backlinks to their webpages every day, which in turn dramatically increases search engine indexing, rankings, and traffic, as well as increases online exposure and traffic.

Membership Gold Rush

Membership Gold Rush is a step-by-step system that delivers month after month income - completely on autopilot - without any experience needed

EZ Share Generator

EZ Share Generator is a brand-new form of software that quickly and easily gets users unlimited amounts of targeted traffic from Facebook, Google, and Twitter without being a computer genius or programmer.

Email content, scripts & Copywriting education.


Click, Copy, Paste. Embed Video & Countdown Timers Directly Inside of Your Emails!

Clear  Copywriting skills workshop

 'Funnel Scripts' Click Funnels Software to write your emails & funnels. Copywriting.

Automatic Script




Email autoresponder assets

Complete email marketing course.

List Eruption

List Building Software: Compatible w/ any autoresponder. Cruise Control Automated campaigns designed & proven to convert & attract buyers.

Email Marketing Bundle     24/ 


Automatic Bonus Offers, Up-sells & Add-ons. *WordPress plugin.

PLR Assets & Resources


Resell Content & Training Courses. Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation & marketing.   


Bonus Offers & packages. Upsells. *Wordpress plugin offers users over 8,280 products with private label and resale licenses, which means that users can sell, edit, or even claim the products as their own. offers users instant access to 100+ free products with private label rights and master resale rights.


These are the largest Affiliate Marketing Networks online.

They are all FREE to join & participate in at no cost.

Choose a niche or market, get products to offer to your audience & start earning affiliate commissions now!




commission junction










Kartra Affiliate

Click Funnels

Builderall  Join to Promote


LEARN TO EARN!  Expand your Knowledge & Job Skills with some of the finest Training, Courses & Educational Resources available.  

Get Specialized Training for Marketing, E-business & Copywriting.

Find easy Turnkey Business & Automatic Income Generating Systems.

Courses, Tips & Tactics to outpace competitors.

Discover the right opportunity & Start Earning Now!!

Email Marketing , Content  & Copywriting                  Learn to Market online.                FREE:  Copy writing Tips.              Make money with a free Blog!!                                           Freelance Blog writing.     700 content templates.             Write content & copy.                                       Learn copywriting.                                              Write better copy.                                             Email Marketing Bundle.                        Learn Email marketing.

Mobilize Revolution.        Mobil Marketing Education & Training Course.

Startup Bootstrapped         Learn & build an App from the ground up & launch it to market.

Affiliate Marketing Training & Education                        Turnkey business system.

ProfitBank by MillionaireSociety    Turnkey software system.                      Easy Turnkey Business Software.                               Affiliate  Community & Training.                    Community & training, Internet Jet Set.                                     Google Sniper, Affiliate Training.                           Affiliate Training Course.

TURN KEY Affiliate Marketing Business.                                     Automated income builder.                           Marketing made Easy.                Plug & Play automatic income generator.      automatic affiliate website builder.  Auto Affiliate Earnings! 

Instant ecom funnels

Automated eCom Product Funnels In Less Than 60 Seconds! Perfect For Newbies & Dropshippers Who Don't Want To Sell Their Own Products or Host Expensive Stores!

Income Generating Software                        Turnkey business system.  

ProfitBank by MillionaireSociety    Turnkey software system.                      Easy Turnkey Business Software.

Place your offer on Email List 

1500+ Guaranteed Solo Email Ad clicks! 

 Solo Ads on email list & Banner Ads. 

Solo Ads to email list.

Work Online     Work Online on Social Media                                     Online Freelancing community. 

Sign up free & post a Gig you can do online! Copy Writing, Data Entry, Photo & Video Editing +++.

AVON   - Representative Recruitment

Real Writing Jobs 

Real Writing Jobs offers users assistance finding paying writing jobs so they can work from home, set their own hours, work directly online, and earn an excellent income.

Legit Online Jobs

Legit Online Jobs is a step-by-step system that teaches users how to make money online by posting ads for companies online and these companies require no experience, and members worldwide are accepted.

Real Translator Jobs

Real Translator Jobs offers users access to established companies and individuals who are looking for people to translate documents and emails and get paid while working from home, full or part time.


Work From Anywhere. Start Immediately. Get job listings & offers.

Money Sucking Websites

Make $500 with Money Sucking Websites! Learn how these simple auto sites can make you passive income. 


Sign up and take surveys to help shape future products & services. Earn at the same time! 

Make Money Surveys

Make Money Surveys lets users get paid just to take surveys online. They can win $50,000. connects users with hundreds of the top research companies all over the world that need survey takers in the United States who are willing to test products and review them.

Quick Survey Income

Quick Survey Income tells users how to make substantial income from their homes with the #1 program for earning legitimate cash online by completing paid online surveys.


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Marketing Strategy


**This site is supported by Ad Placement, Native Advertisement & Affiliate Advertisement links. We may earn commissions on products and services mentioned, shown, and linked to in our content.  

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